srsLTE w/ lime mini

# sudo apt-get install cmake libfftw3-dev libmbedtls-dev libboost-program-options-dev libconfig++-dev libsctp-dev

RF front-end driver:

git clone
cd srsLTE
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
make test
make install user

nano /root/.config/srslte/enb.conf

Change [rf] section

dl_earfcn = 3050
tx_gain = 56
rx_gain = 38
device_name = soapy
device_args = rxant=LNAH,txant=BAND2
time_adv_nsamples = 70
burst_preamble_us = 0

edit /root/.config/srslte/user_db.csv with your sim card value


sudo srsenb

sudo srsepc

Note: The UE database file(user_db.csv) has to be within the same directory where you would run the srsepc command.

3 réflexions sur “srsLTE w/ lime mini”

  1. Hey @bastienbaranoff great post my friend, what are versions of RF front end drivers : UHD, SoapyUHD, SoapySDR and LimeSuite ??

  2. I followed your instruction but the network is not appearing via a manual search on commercial mobile phone. i am running srsepc and srsenb. The transmision is happening and i could see it on the waterfall of SDR software(hackrf and sdr#). But unfortunately no network

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